1. CSA is a full service one stop source for providing all your design needs. Whether your needs are small or large, we offer a range skills that can work for you from General Contracting, Project Supervision, and Construction Management, down to our most detailed services such as custom cabinetry design and fabrication or lavish drapery. Whatever your needs, our team can provide the transformation that you desire.

2. Construction Consultation

  • If you have your own project, Christine Smith Associates, Inc. can be your personal representative and liaison between you and the contractors.

  • We can assist in the selection of the contractor

    • Manage payment schedules, the implementation schedule, with the critical path timeline in order to meet all deadlines and needs of your project.


To the Department of Buildings and/or Landmark Commission

  • Our Architect and Expediting services are used to obtain proper permits for the work being done. Our design team and Licensed Architect will prepare final drawings to submit for Department of Buildings filing and permits.

To Building Management et al

  • All Cooperative and Condominium properties require approval by their Management companies.  We can aid or completely handle all the required documents as needed for Building Management, on behalf of our client. This includes the preparation of the Alteration Agreement – an agreement between the shareholder/owner and the building.


General Contracting

  • Renovations require the coordination of many trades. As a licensed General Contractor, we manage all trades in the development, design and construction of your home.  Our full service capabilities from design through construction will maximize your project’s efficiency to save time and money. We have a wide range of experience in designing and updating Pre-war NYC residences and newer homes with more modern styles, including technology, amenities such as central air systems (w/ humidifiers), new windows, new doors, automated home systems for lighting, window shades, and audio/visual integration.

Furnish and Installation

  • Handing off drawings and details can be costly and time consuming. CSA can handle the purchasing and installation of your project. We provide a one-stop solution that will provide a smooth transition from the design phase to the final finishing touches.

Interior Design Specialties

Space Planning

  • Renovations sometimes require that special upgrade to fit your unique lifestyles. We have many years of experience in re-planning homes for new additions, and combining units for growing families and desired luxuries. We can provide space planning solutions that will accommodate your unique needs from large additions to small furniture layouts.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

  • Upgrading Kitchens and Bathrooms is often the most valuable upgrade in a home since it can increase property values significantly. CSA will work with you to determine your unique needs to design, select furnishings, construct and install all cabinetry, lighting, plumbing fixtures, fittings, appliances and finishes to make your kitchen or bathroom your unique language.

Custom Cabinetry

  • We work directly with our millworkers and can provide custom cabinetry from inception to installation for whatever the need/use may be, including converting a space or room into a wonderful and new walk-in closet.
  • Where there may be tight spaces, maximizing that space is crucial. For that reason, we love designing storage for those unique areas, nooks and crannies.
Getting Started

Meet with Christine Smith Associates, Inc. (CSA) to determine your projects scope of work. Based on the meeting and the information provided, a letter of agreement will then be drafted which outlines the project’s expectations for the planning phase and the retainer fee.

Planning Phase

CSA will do further research and inquisition to develop a full design scheme complete with drawings and finishes for your review and feedback. After your approval, CSA in conjunction with the project architect will prepare required documents and submit to building management. Where applicable, we assist the project architect who will file with the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and finally to the Department of Buildings to acquire work permits.

Construction Phase

You will receive a construction budget for the design agreed upon. This will be a breakdown of work expectation and associated charges. Once the construction budget and the contractor agreements have been signed, the work can be scheduled to commence, providing that all work permits have been obtained. Progress invoices will be provided along with a payment schedule. We maintain a budget breakdown which tracks all payments, and shows how deposits are applied.

Project Close out

At the close of construction, CSA will work with you to get your place ready for occupation by overseeing the post construction clean up. We will resolve any open items and the final invoice will be due in full when presented.