Christine Smith Associates, Inc. (CSA) is your expert design-built firm.  Our design team works to design, build and decorate your interiors beyond your aspirations. With the combined skills of design and construction, we have a unique connection to design implementation and are dedicated to creating refined interiors crafted to meet your individual requirements. Our team of designers, drafters, contractors and architect are able to offer full design-built services for your home or office.  Whether your need is cosmetic upgrades, small renovations, gut renovations, or new construction, Christine Smith Associates, Inc. will provide a solution that encompasses functionality, form, and beauty to meet your every wish.

About Christine

Christine Smith, a prominent designer in the NYC residential sector, has been a gem of the industry for over 25 years. Having a mind for detail and design, she possesses the unique skill set and expertise to design a wonderful space and build it too! She was formally trained at NY School of Interior Design where she earned a B.A. in Interior Design. She started field training with a Park Avenue Firm specializing in renovating the residences of various American Ambassadors in Eastern Europe, and South America.  This experience helped to develop her sense of quality, refinement and confidence.  In 1993, Christine began her own practice and by the late 90’s she became a licensed General Contractor, then a rare achievement for women.  Since then, contracting has been a specialty that allows her to be fully connected to the implementation of the design. Currently Christine serves as the hands on, roll-up-your-sleeves project coordinator of her Company. Over the years her reputation and business have become known as an outstanding one-stop-shop that handles everything from demolition to draperies.